Thursday, February 16, 2006

Things That Make You Feel Less Manly!

Bunk Beds
Disney World
Drinking Hot Tea
Non-Halogen Lamps
Thinking Babies Are Cute
Personalized License Plates
Being a Girl's "Best Guy Friend"
Minor Chords
Discount Cards at the Grocery Store
White Zinfandel
Board Game Night
Cheese Club
Holding Hands
Getting Promoted at Work
Men’s Tennis
Wearing a Scarf
The Priesthood
Crest Whitestrips
Putting a Box of Baking Soda in the Refrigerator
Attempted Murder
Different Shades of White
(Eggshell, Ivory, Porcelain)
Birthday Cards, Especially When They’re On Time
Eye Contact
Using a Lint Roller
Spoken Word Poetry
Phone Calls to Catch Up
Men's Pajamas
Disposable Cameras
Lip Balm
Picture Frames With Words on Them
Protein Powder
Stretching Before a Workout
Any Bottle of Wine That Costs More Than $10
Pet Ferrets
Laying Out
Fabric Softener
Potted Plants
White Jeans
Nailing a triple toe loop
Foreign Films


Blogger Miss Scarlet said...

Ha, Great list. Love the inclusion of "minor chords".

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Marcus said...

Good list there! But hell, so rigid! There are few there I'd have to take issue with though...ever fish from a kayak?

4:46 AM  
Blogger daryn said...

The only real issue I would have with the list is placing WHITE JEANS so close to the last!!! There's a guy I (unfortunately)work with who thinks his new, tight WHITER-than-freakin'-WHITE jeans are the coolest. He's incessantly mentioning in off-handed ways how white they are and how he doesn't want to stain them. He'll even wipe off a seat before he sits on it in his pristine white jeans. I say move the "WHITE JEANS" item to the top!
It definitely trumps the rest!!!!!

12:32 AM  

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