Thursday, February 16, 2006

Things That Make You Feel Like a Man!

Shirts and Skins
Being Color Blind
Thinking About Surviving a Natural Disaster
Carving the Turkey
Knowing How to Tie More Than Three Knots,
But Not Bragging About It
Having YOUR Chair
Knowing the Infield Fly Rule
Wearing A Hard Hat
Taking the Points
The Smell of a Locker Room
Eating an Entire Pizza
Math Without a Calculator
Dunking A Basketball
Not Understanding Sports That Are Judged On Style
Punching A Wall
Athlete's Foot
Calling Your Friend a “Dumb Fuck” as a Term of Endearment
Destroying Nature
Hugging With One Arm
Sticking Out Your Chest in the Mirror When You Get Out of the Shower
Drinking Bourbon
Keeping Emotions Suppressed
Low Fives
Killing an Animal
Speaking into a Bullhorn or Walkie-Talkie
Going To The Barber Shop
OWNING the Remote
Opening jar lids for women
Spitting Out Blood
Watching a Chuck Norris Movie
Catching a Foul Ball Without a Glove
Building Things
Breaking things
Packing No Toiletries
Sailing the High Seas
Walking It Off
Going up on the Roof
Pissing Out a Fire
Laughing at the WNBA
Crashing A Car
Hitting ONLY Driver at the Range
Going Bald
Controlling Fire
Jumping Up To Touch an Awning
Hurting Someone By Accident
Lifting Something Heavy
Drinking milk right out of the container

Feel free to add your own!


Blogger The Wizard said...

Tools...knowing what they are for and how to use them but also knowing that a wrench will substitute for a hammer in when in dire need.

3:35 PM  

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