Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Sad Day at Fishtown Chatter

I was shocked to read this from Feisty Repartee this afternoon:

It's been fun...

but, I think the time has come to say "Good-Bye."

What I have tried to create here is a place with the comforts of home to welcome all friends, old and new, to sit down, take a load off, visit, and relax.

It's been a happy place for me to share the exploits of my children and my childhood, as well as observations of this crazy world in which we live.

It has been a welcome distraction from much pain and sorrow.

However, reality beckons and I must turn my attentions elsewhere.

To each and all, I wish you the best.
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For those who haven't (or didn't) discover Feisty Repartee, you've missed out. If Jack at Random Fate is the Blogfather, then surely Christina is the Blogmother. A brilliant writer and a master organizer, peacekeeper and gentle soul in the raucous blogosphere, she will be missed by all. Amongst all the blowhards, egomaniacs, self-promoters and jackasses who blog regularly, she remains above the fray and tries to mediate and ameliorate the frequent hissy fits and pissing contests among those fighting for a higher sitemeter count. She has never said a mean or unkind word about anyone, even to those who have thrown stones at her. She has more class in her little finger than that of 30 randomly chosen bloggers combined.

My humble suggestion is that you consider keeping the site active and take a hiatus from daily blogging. There are hundreds of us that would chip in as guests blogger until your situation is resolved. Give it some thought-if not possible, our best wishes to you and your family.


Anonymous christina said...

The words of a gentleman are all the more sweet.

Thank you, my friend.

See you soon and the first round at Gruene Hall is certainly on *me*.

; )

3:36 PM  

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