Tuesday, November 29, 2005

From the "your honor, I might a murderer, but I'm no thief" files...

Syracuse man admits hospital rape

Arthur Brown, of Syracuse, pleaded guilty today to raping a 15-year-old in her hospital room, but dislikes the implication the crime was a violent one.

"All I do is kidnap, shoot and sell drugs," he told Onondaga County Court Judge William Walsh about his criminal history. "I'm not a rapist, man."

Brown, 29, was scheduled to begin trial today but after nearly 90 minutes of debate with Walsh, he took a plea instead. That means instead of facing a maximum of two to four years in state prison, he will likely get one to three years.

His contention was that the victim, who had been a patient at Crouse Hospital, told him before they had sex that she was 18.

"This is injustice right here," Brown shouted. "I did not rape her. She lied about her age."

"That doesn't matter," Walsh said. The law said if she was younger than 17 and he is an adult, he can be charged with rape because it couldn't be consensual because of her age.


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