Monday, July 18, 2005

Perspective-the 25 Word Challenge

It was quite enlightening to see the responses to the 25-word challenge. I was out of town and without a computer, so I didn't see the responses until last night. I'm always intrigued by communication between individuals-the chasm between the message we wish to convey and that which is received. It's mind-boggling to imagine all the misunderstandings and hurt feelings that result daily from just innocent and innate differences in perception. I had been giving the first 25 words considerable thought-I didn't want to just flop something up and let it run. I intended to convey a scene from an inmate's execution. To me the words "gurney" and "curtain" and "fluid" connote a condemned man looking for the last time at his family and his victim's family in the last seconds of his life. I did not for the life of me imagine anyone envisioning a hospital scene, but now looking back I see that is not only a rational conclusion to draw must probably the most rational. A powerful lesson in perspective re-learned by a simple word challenge.

Thanks to all who visited and commented on a busy summer weekend.


Anonymous Christina said...

Wow. That's very interesting, David. You are the first to share your thoughts on what you had in mind when you started the story.

Well done, by the way.

Thank you!

10:02 PM  
Anonymous Gyles said...

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