Friday, May 27, 2005

Summer's Finally Here

I just took a boondoggle down to the waterfront to find some T-shirt gifts and to look for some other stuff and it's already hopping. With the shitty weather we've been having and the good forecast for the long weekend, the tourists are here in droves. We've got a great weekend planned with Scott and Cristina-some men's fishing and girl's shopping in the A.M., followed by an outside waterfront lunch, a four-hour booze cruise, back for showers then back to town for a five-star dinner and live music on the boardwalk. This Saturday night on the boardwalk is typically the wildest of the year-the people watching will be unparalleled. All the characters from town will crawl out of their holes tonight when the music starts and wander the boardwalk. There will always be a ton of folks seeing Beaufort for the first time and when I see their wonderment at the beauty and quirkiness of my town, I always feel lucky that come Monday, I'll still be here. Have a great one and drive safely!


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