Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sharks, Beer and Friends-5/20-5/22

Got to Scott's house at the appointed hour of 5:30. The trip took the usual 6.5 hours and I made it despite getting turned around in Elisabethtown which cost me about 20 minutes. I made up for it on the 160 mile stretch of I-95 South by setting the cruise at 82 (it's a 70 mph zone but if you're not doing at least 80 mph you end up with folks riding your ass and gigging you to get you out of the left lane). I hit a monster thunderstorm just after I passed Florence and when I crossed the bridge over Lake Marion it looked as roiled as the Cape Lookout Shoals on a bad day. I've rarely seen a lake with 5 foot breakers but there they were, crasing against the concrete pilings and sending spray almost up onto the road. It was still sprinkling when I got to Scott's place and I scooted inside. Cristina dropped by after work about 6:15 and had a couple of beers before heading home-she said it was a "guys weekend" and didn't want to "interfere." We'll see her and Scott this weekend in NC.
Jason and Kevin were coming in at 7:30 from Columbia and they finally fulled up at 8:30. Buss and his dad showed up for an hour or so and we pounded back the beer and ordered a pizza. Jason brought his first effort at rodbuilding-a stout rod for cobia, tarpon, etc. and I brought some of my rodbuilding stuff to help him repairs some small mistakes. We messed with some pigments, then went crazy with the pink and silver colors, a function of the beer and the audience we had attracted to the turning rod. He's now the proud owner of a black, silver and hot pink fishing rod. (Pictured Below)


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