Wednesday, May 25, 2005


We cooked dogs and everthing else on a Foreman grill set up on a ledge in the cockpit. Cheesedogs were the appetizers while the mahi-mahi marinated and defrosted. Buss's father and uncle were out in two smaller boats and they tied up to us for a while, came aboard and drank some beer with us. We had given them a bunch of it before we took off and we could see them throwing them down from a distance. They got ready to take off before dusk and we did a quick beer inventory and started to panic. Our coolers looked a little low for some reason-we had brought along scads of the stuff. We plundered the small boats for all their stash before they left and the coolers were full again. The only booze aboard was some gin but the only mixer we had was Coke and we had no takers for that concoction.
The sky was slate gray all day and cool-not a peek of the sun until just at sunset.


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