Monday, May 23, 2005

All Sharks, No Cobia

Back from another unforgettable trip to the Palmetto state. For some reason, I'm not as tired as I usually am after the slog back to NC. It's not for lack of trying. We drank beer and booze until 2:00 Friday night, got up at 9:00, left the dock at 11:00 and I had a cold beer in hand for the next 13 hours straight. Slept on the floor of the boat in a sleeping bag, woke up and we had some breakfast beers and Bubba Burgers. I limited myself to four on the hour and a half ride in to the dock because I had to drive home. I hit the road at 2:30, made my usual stop at the BP and Wendy's at Point South, pointed it up I-95 and hit the gas. All's well until I took a sip of tea and realized the moron at Wendy's could not understand the word "unsweetened" after I repeated it 3 times. Like drinking freakin' cough syrup. That necessitated an unplanned stop up the road to pour the shit out and get something to wash down a Wendy's double and fries. Back on the road and home at 8:45-a new record.
It was the first time I had fished with all my SC buddies at the same time since November and the lack of edible fish did nothing to spoil the incredible fun. Thanks to Scott, Jason, Jeff, Kevin and Buss for a great time. I'll post some photos later. Back to work for some rest!


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