Thursday, May 19, 2005

I'm Beat-The Party, Part 5-Zero Hour

They rolled in from all parts of NC and SC. Scott was the first to arrive at about 5:00. The grill was pre-assembled and just needed to be rolled to the porch and hooked up to the tank. I need to take a photo of this stainless steel beast just to do it justice. What a great gift from the boys from South Carolina! The crowd grew slowly. Beer and drinks were flowing freely and the grill was fired up and broken in with about 20 burgers and some dogs. Old friends met new friends and became new friends. Stories were told and re-told. The final wave busted in about 8:30-the group included my great buddy and co-worker Rob Lang, who I had not seen or spoken too in over 5 years, his wife Whitney, Ron Spivey, a Superior Court Judge and his fiancee, Heather. After hugs all around and a few tears of joy, it was on.
The crowd included:
  • 15 lawyers:
    • 2 defense attorneys
    • 2 plaintiff's attorneys
    • 4 assistant district attorneys
    • 2 assistant U.S. attorneys
    • 1 bankruptcy attorney
    • 1 business litigation attorney
    • 1 Superior Court judge
    • 1 trial court specialist
    • 1 corporate counsel
  • 1 State Bureau of Investigation special agent
  • 1 state probation officer
  • 1 police officer
  • 2 court reporters
  • 1 graphic artist
  • 1 corporate human resources director
  • 1 writer
  • 1 teacher
Go ahead-make your snap judgment about this group. Self-important? Pompous? Workaholic? Snooty? Big Egos? Pretentious? Phonies? WRONG!!!

This is one of the most genuine, fun-loving, self-deprecating, hard-drinking, horselaughing crowd ever packed into one room. I had friends who had not met any of these folks before and I have never seen them be accepted so readily or have as much fun. People laughed until they ached. Nobody cared what anyone else did or how much money they made last year or how they were dressed-the only requirement was "can you have a damn good time." If so, welcome aboard. If not, you probably weren't invited in the first place.
The crowd dispersed except for those staying at the house-Scott, Randall and Kate, Vin, Jane and me. Some more laughs, some more new tunes and more alcohol. I was the last to bed-about 2:00 A.M. after a couple of Maker's Marks. I couldn't stop smiling.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give me a twenty and I'll rock for your party. Jessco White and Wadi Green

5:40 PM  
Anonymous rebecca timberlake said...

I was just excited about getting a weekend away from the kids. Little did I know I was going to be treated the best time I can remember in a long time. If laughter is the best medicine, then I must now be the healthiest person on the face of the earth.

Karma is at work for you and Jane in the best way possible.


10:12 PM  
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