Wednesday, May 18, 2005

"Well, I've Never!

Ann Althouse started this little game-make a list of 10 things you've never done. Here's mine-feel free to play along in the comments.

1. I have never shot a gun.

2. I have never smoked or taken illegal drugs.

3. I have never drunk scotch.

4. I have never stolen anything.

5. I have never traveled out of North America.

6. I have never ridden or driven a motorcycle.

7. I have never watched one episode of Star Trek or seen any of the Star Trek movies.

8. I have never been to a Disney theme-park.

9. I have never "puked" outside the Eastern and Central time zones.

10. I have never gone diving or snorkeling.

So there!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have finally figured out how to reply to the blog and I must admit that that I have done every single one of these with clear memory and conscience except number 2.

Stephanie : )

2:51 PM  

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