Monday, January 02, 2006

Redundant Acronym Phrase Project

A syndrome being documented by

Following is the complete current list of phrases in the project:

The most common ones:

AC current- Alternating Current current
ATM machine -Automated Teller Machine machine
DAT tape -Digital Audio Tape tape
DC current- Direct Current current
HIV virus -Human Immunodeficiency Virus virus
IRA account -Individual Retirement Account account
LAN network -Local Area Network network
LCD display -Liquid Crystal Display display
PIN number -Personal Identification Number number
RF frequency -Radio Frequency frequency
SALT talks -Strategic Arms Limitation Talks talks
UPC code -Universal Product Code code

Less common ones:
AFC conference- American Football Conference conference
ARM mortgage- Adjustable Rate Mortgage mortgage
BBS system -Bulletin Board System system
CGA adapter- Color Graphics Adapter adapter
CPI index- Consumer Price Index index
DOS system -Disk Operating System system
EGA adapter- Enhanced Graphics Adapter adapter
GIF format- Graphic Interchange Format format
IBM machines -International Business Machines machines
IRC chat -Internet Relay Chat chat
ISBN number- International Standard Book Number number
KFC chicken -Kentucky Fried Chicken chicken
LPG gas -Liquid Propane Gas gas
MASH hospital -Mobile Army Surgical Hospital hospital
MIDI interface -Musical Instrument Digital Interface interface
NFC conference- National Football Conference conference
NPR radio- National Public Radio radio
OPEC countries -Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries countries
POST test- Power On Self Test test
RAM memory- Random Access Memory memory
RISC computer- Reduced Instruction Set Computer computer
ROM memory- Read Only Memory memory
RPN notation- Reverse Polish Notation notation
SAT test -Scholastic Assessment (Aptitude) Test test
SAM missile- Surface-to-Air Missile missile
START talks- Strategic Arms Reduction Talks talks
START treaty- Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty treaty
TWA airlines -Trans World Airlines airlines
UL laboratories -Underwriters Laboratories laboratories
USGS survey- United States Geological Survey survey
VAT tax -Value Added Tax tax
VGA adapter -Variable Graphics Adapter adapter
VIN number -Vehicle Identification Number number

Special case:
RAP phrase Redundant Acronym Phrase phrase

Some obscure ones which are being considered:
ADD disorder -Attention Deficit Disorder disorder
AIDS syndrome -Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome syndrome
AM modulation- Amplitude Modulation modulation
ATC control -Air Traffic Control control
COBOL language -Common Business-Oriented Language language
CPU unit- Central Processing Unit unit
CS/DS/ES/SS segment- Code/Data/Extra/Stack Segment segment
EBCDIC code- Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code code
FM modulation -Frequency Modulation modulation
HTML language- Hyper Text Markup Language language
IP pointer -Instruction Pointer pointer
LEM module- Lunar Excursion Module module
PC circuit- Printed Circuit circuit
PERL language -Practical Extraction and Reporting Language language
PIF file -Program Information File file
UHF frequency -Ultra-High Frequency frequency
UN nations -United Nations nations
UNIVAC computer- Universal Automatic Computer computer
UPI international -United Press International international
VHF frequency -Very High Frequency frequency


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