Wednesday, November 30, 2005

New Cocktails in Various Stages of Development

Leprous Nephew,
Serbian Paperhanger,
Fat Catamite,
Senior Beatdown,
Tallahassee Fingersex,
Mandy Patinkin's Sack-Lather,
Liquid Divorce,
14 Acorns in a Blue Shoebox,
Slander Sauce,
Hirsute Toddler,
I'm Afraid I Have Bad News, Mrs. Lincoln,
Chinese Brian Wilson,
Soulrending Night of Misery and Horror,
Hello Herpes,
General Amnesty,
Don't Push Send,
Ugly Girlfriend (80 Proof),
Ugly Bride/Wife (100 Proof),
Reconsider Baby,
Green Cyst,
Left Wing Bias (Apple 'Tini' w/sweet Vermouth),
Right Wing Bias (Vodka or Gin Martini, rocks, dry Vermouth),
Caroming Goat's Head,
Fatwa This,
Living Hell,
Suicide (I think there is already a drink by this name),
Slippery Cousin,
French Riot,
Bend Over Jacques,
God's Foot In Your Arse,
Apocalypse Tomorrow,
Constitutional Crisis,
Medina Mudslide,
Naked Muslim,
Hot-Spiced Manbroth

Please feel free to add you own.


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