Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More Blogging Tomorrow

I've been up to my ass in alligators today-I've got court next week and five teaching assignments with deadlines looming. Everybody wants a damn Power Point to go along with everything else because this is the freakin' video generation and no one can retain info unless they both hear it and see it. I had a cold that cleared up before I went to Charlotte last weekend and strangely reappeared-the by-product of staying up till dawn, drinking like a fish and hanging out in smoky bars and concert halls. I never come back from a trip with Scott and Jason without feeling like I've been flogged. We have calculated that 3 days together is the max we can handle. We go at it like death row inmates on furlow. On visits, there is usually 2 beers downed before we get to the front door and several dozen following that topped off by a liquor toddy. It's rare not to pass out on the couch or in the chair with the stereo or TV blaring. We retell old stories about stupid or funny shit we have done together-the fishless fishing trips, falling out of boats, breaking fishing rods, throwing a rum bottle into a campfire and having it shoot fireballs at us like a roman candle and we horselaugh just as hard as we did when the stuff originally happened. Hungover and sore from laughing, it's usually a two day recovery process and I'm still officially on day one.
I've got two fishing rods to finish amongst all the other stuff, two more orders came in today for some surf rods and I can't remenber if I've got enough components on hand. Oh yeah, the obligatory trip to the DMV to get my car titled and turn in my old tags. It chaps my ass to have to fork over sales tax on a car that has already had sales tax paid on it when it was bought, but you have no choice-no tax, no tag!
At least tomorrow I'll post some photos-It's cold and windy here and I want to get some shots of the town before the tourists roll in. Later!


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