Monday, February 28, 2005

Weekend Update

Spent the weekend in Charlotte, N.C. , the place where I grew up. The primary purpose was to attend the largest rodbuilding show in the nation, but also to pick up my new wheels, to see Pat Green in concert and to hang out with my great buddies from South Carolina, Scott Lee and Jason Peavy. Jason also brought his friend Kevin-another great guy. My friend JP came down from Winston-Salem for the show and the concert and brought the car I bought from him. Pics of the car will soon be posted-it's a great ride- a low mileage '98 Ford Expedition in immaculate condition. No more oil slicks in the driveway-no more praying that I will actually arrive at my destination-more trips to SC because I can actually drive 85 mph down I-95. It's got the three most important features-a towing package for the boat, a 6 disc CD changer and rod holders inside the car. More to come-got called into court.


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