Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bet he had some Vodka with those sausages?

Man bitten by own alligator
From correspondents in Moscow
From: The Australian

Russian businessman Anton Skvortsov learned the hard way the literal meaning of biting the hand that feeds you when he was savaged by his pet alligator while trying to feed it sausages.
Mr Skvortsov, 35, was showing off in front of a group of friends and colleagues at a party in his Moscow office.

He decided to show his guests how much his pet alligator Musya loved him and opened the reptile's cage to feed it by hand.

"We had all had dinner and I thought my beautiful Musya should have some as well," he said.

"He is normally fed only by placing the food through the bars of his cage but this time I wanted to give him a bit of freedom and I held out some sausages for him to take from my hand."

Mr Skvortsov was taken to hospital, where doctors treated his lacerations and gave him a tetanus injection.


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