Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jeff and Me with a double on the false albacore

Every year this part of the NC coast is invaded by fishermen and guides from all over the country to chase an inedible fish. A member of the tuna family, the false albacore (Euthynnus alletteratus) is prized for nothing more than its blazing speed, and its tendency to swim in huge marauding schools. They will corral acres of small silverside baitfish no bigger than your pinky and charge through them time after time. One day last year a bait ball tried to take sanctuary under our boat and for four hours all we had to do was get a fly or lure into the water and it was on-200 yards of line coming off the reel in about 5 seconds. Once the fish knows it is hooked, you have about half a second to make sure your flyline is clear and free of knots because it's about to be pulle through the guides regardless. Last year we broke three rods and a fish took everything with it-rod, reel and line-gone in a split second. Above is friend Jeff Purdy from Beaufort, S.C. with me showing off our "double-header."


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