Monday, September 12, 2005

Back in the Saddle

A 400 mile traverse from beach to mountains this weekend including a teaching assignment, a wedding and visits with old friends. Got back last night to gusty winds and a Category 1 spinning aimlessly off the coast below us with the center of the projected path right over Cape Lookout. It's hard to get worked up over this thing yet-locals refer to these as "mullet blows." This winter we had a nor'easter blow 65 mph for a couple of days and we lost some porch screens and that was it.
The wedding and all the parties, before and after, and the fact it was in my former hometown, was more like a courthouse crowd reunion. We stayed with friends, Hank and Ronda, in their new digs and when we weren't doing wedding stuff we caught up on all the latest "goings on." They're getting ready to "re-dog" in a couple of weeks with a mixed breed mutt to replace their beloved dachshund, Scooter, who passed away last year after a long career racing from floor to couch with stolen tissues and keeping the neighborhood virtually "badger-free" for well over a decade. While Jane and Ronda hit the stores Saturday afternoon, Hank and I took to the road to check out the woodworking store, make a visit to JP's new home to check out his shop and then made a surprise drop-in on a great, old friend, Dicky Wood, who is the county's Register of Deeds and also is a part-time hermit. We surprised him-I haven't seen or probably talked to him in over five years and the half-hour we spent at his place was so familiar that it might as well have been five minutes. I think guys who are old friends are like that-no rehashing the time apart or catching up-we just pick up where we left off like it was yesterday. Lots of laughs with the three of us playing our customary roles-Dicky as the comical, neurotic, chain smoking and chain beer drinking ball of hyperactivity, with ten or fifteen "buttons to push" that pay off every time and Hank and me alternating playing the role of laconic, but semi-sadistic, "button-pushers." Nothing's changed in 20 plus years and if we lived to be 200 hundred years old, it would always be the same. I wouldn't have it any other way. Back tonight with some more on the weekend.


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