Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Courthouse or Greenhouse?

They are doing major renovations to our historic courthouse and large courtroom this summer. Last week they removed the cupola and covered the now flat roof with a tarp. Today theyre tinkering with the airconditioning and court dress codes were waived for the day. It's about 95 degrees on the first floor where we are. I would not be surprised to see a raincloud develop over my desk. My diet Coke has "sweated" all over my phone messages and I've got the energy of a slug. I understand now why the southern population explosion clearly correlates with the development of air-conditioning. It's funny how spoiled we've (read "I've)" become-ten weeks ago, I was moaning about the freak cold snap in early May and the ocean water temps hovering in the low 60's. Today the ocean temp is 84 degrees just off the beach and I read where the ocean temp in St. Pete, Florida was 93. I complain about the heat in the house when the thermostat reads 72 and whine about how cold it is when it's 68. Back in the 1800's, I would have been one of those that lived to about 8 years old and died not from any plague or disease, but just from being a complete wimp.


Anonymous Allan said...

That pretty much describes me, too.

Spoiled so rotten, I stink.

8:20 AM  

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