Sunday, August 28, 2005

Blog Visits This Weekend

You could have knocked me over with a cotton ball yeterday when I checked my sitemeter at noon and had about 10 times the site visits that are normal here on the weekends. Doing some digging, I noticed that a lot of the referring links were from The, a site maintained by the Columbia, S.C. newspaper in a section called "Get Out"-Things to do in South Carolina. The article featured the Yemassee area in the S.C. lowcountry and mentioned the tour of the Auldbrass Plantation tour, the Old Sheldon Church Ruins and Harold's Country Club, a down-home bar, gas station, tackle shop and restaurant that I wrote about last May. The article in The provided a link to my story and I was bombarded. That link was picked up by Joan at her site, Walk This Way, a great blog from Charleston, S.C. and she gave me another link after visiting Harold's. I went back to the article and added some photos, a feature unavailable at the time of the initial story. I made a few changes and read it again-not bad. I still have those memories etched into my brain as if they happened yesterday. Can't wait to go back.


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