Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sorry for the Absence

Been tied up this week. We had our summer conference Monday through Wednesday and saw tons of friends and my former colleagues from another district. Nobody will ever accuse prosecutors of being a staid and solemn bunch-we will be all over an open bar (or even a cash bar) like a duck on a junebug. About seven years ago there was a near riot when the place hosting our social ran out of beer. I played my annual round of golf and shot my usual score-49-40=89. That is a function of 1) getting warmed up after a year's layoff and 2) the sixth beer kicking in. We played the traditional fivesome and also violated with impunity the courses ban on coolers. Five wise-ass players with five completely different levels of skill and strengths makes for a lot of laughs, a lot of it at our own expense. Huge bath mat divots, low screaming shots richocheting off trees and houses, new curse words screamed after topped tee shots, liberal bending of the Royal and Ancient Rules of golf which do not speak of mulligans, do-overs or the "two-club-length rule," which allows relief form behind trees or in ponds or in the deep rough.
We had a riotous dinner with my old colleagues in a private room in a fine restaurant on Tuesday night after golf. My old boss who is both lactose intolerant and clueless about the contents of food had a large bowl of lobster bisque, a salad with bleu cheese dressing, and entree and a quick exit to go tend his distended belly leaving him unable to defend himself at the table. He's always been a great boss and a great sport-there aren't many bosses that will absorb a rash of shit from their employees and laugh their ass off.
We finished up Wednesday about noon, had a farewell lunch with more laughs recounting the golf round and the dinner, then it was back home. I had a kind invite to play guitar with my friend Dicky Scearce of Scearce and Ketner at the Dockhouse. He was doing a solo gig during the week and I couldn't pass up the chance to join in. A kinder and more gracious person you'll never meet- and a genuine talent on the guitar and vocals. Their new CD is out "Live Crabs," a live recording from several venues and it is outstanding. It is available on their website linked to above. Their schedule is also available on the site so check them out in the Carolinas and beyond. I'll go back tonight to try and improve on my effort last night but mainly to enjoy being up on stage with someone who can carry the whole thing-sort of like playing best ball with Tiger Woods as your partner-you don't have to bring much to the table, just show up and do the best you can. As Patrick Hughes so wisely noted, "self-esteem just gets in the way of a good time." A great motto to live by! Photos tomorrow!


Blogger Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

Sounds like you had a blast!!! Thanks for sharing! Brought a smile to this burned out mommie's face.

2:42 PM  
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