Friday, June 03, 2005

Fishing Weekend Finally!

This will be the first weekend in the last five where we have no plans. The weather remains crazy-it rained about 5 inches in the last two days and the water temp in the ocean is still under 70 degrees. In a normal year, it would already be approaching 80. If the rain holds off, I'll take the boat out, beach it on the point at Shackleford Banks and do some flyfishing from the surf. The current through Beaufort Inlet races round the corner at the western tip of Shackleford and when the 40 foot deep water runs up on the 10 foot deep shoal, a "rip" is created-too much water trying to get in too small an area. The water is churned up like a washing machine along a 40 foot wide span-waves pound and slap each other and the result is a fish haven. The roiled water disorients and stuns the small baitfish and the larger fish-this time of year bluefish and spanish mackeral- tear through the rip and maul the prey species. Many times the water turns a shade of red from the blood and if the bait is menhaden the grease and oils from the fish create a large slick on the water and leave a stench in the air. It's nature at it's essence-the survival of the fittest, the food chain, whatever. Clouds of small fish hang together for safety and large fish charge through them sending them in all directions. Some go airborn, some go deep and some run all the way up on the beach to escape the massacre. After the big fish have scattered all the bait, they go on to another school of baitfish while the first baitfish school regroups and awaits another attack. A solitary baitfish on the end of a line or floating beneath a popping cork is shit out of luck.
It'll be good just to throw the flyrod into the rip and see what hits. One month late, it looks as if spring is finally here. I'll have photos this weekend. Everybody have a great one!


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