Tuesday, March 08, 2005

NC Coast Goes to Texas-Fish, Warm weather and music

This weekend's trip to the Texas gulf coast to celebrate the upcoming end to a long winter has been firmed up. The Wrangler's are in the wash, the fishing rods are being chosen and each night ends with Reckless Kelly's new CD in the player. I will never leave the NC coast-it would take a crane to get me away from the surf, the beach and the salt marsh. The state of Texas, however, tugs hard at the soul. I love the music coming out of Austin, the authentic music and dance halls, Tex-Mex food and especially the attitude-nobody loves their state like Texans. In my entire life I have spent exactly 5 days within the state's borders but that does not I don't love the state. I have subscribed to Texas Monthly magazine for 15 years. I have been addicted to Texas music-especially the singer-songwriters since I discovered Nanci Griffith in the mid-1980's.
The next week will be dedicated to the great state of Texas, with emphasis on this weekend's fishing trip to the gulf coast. Stay tuned.


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